The 50+ Best Crochet Puns and Jokes for Instagram Captions

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If you have a weak spot for cute crochet puns and wordplay, Yarn Knot alone!

Besides an affinity for all things cute and cozy, we’re also Hooked on good puns… and hey, if you’re looking for a master list of cute crochet-related puns, then you’re in the right place.

Below, you’ll find loads of clever crochet puns and wordplay to use in Instagram captions, TikTok captions, gifts, or even little details for your crochet business. 

We hope you enjoy these cute little croch-sayings.

General Crochet Puns & Jokes for General Instagram Captions

Whether you’re in need of a punny crochet-themed caption for a photo of your creations, or simply a photo of you in your element crocheting, we promise – there’s a great crochet pun for that. Here are some cute crochet puns to use in your next Instagram or TikTok caption!

Croch-hey there.

What? My whole personality trait has become crocheting…? Crochet it ain’t so!

Tried to give up crochet for a little why, but suffice to say, I croch-hated it.

I started crochet just for fun but what can I say? Now I’m Hooked.

Mamma mia, here I go a-skein.

Another crochet project? Here we go a-skein.

Look, Afghan and made another thing.

Crochet can be a hilarious hobby. Look, I’m in stitches.

Hook out! Crazy crochet lady coming through.

No cro-shade, but I think I’ve found the best hobby in the world.

A life without crochet would be a real cro-shame.

Ya girl is Hooked and busy.

The past weekend has been a croch-haze to say the least.

I used to think crochet was just a little hobby but now I Yarn for it daily.

If you think I’m addicted to crochet, honestly, Yarn Knot wrong.

Me? Spending too much time on crochet? Back off, croch-hater.

So many hours crocheting and honestly, I’m starting to feel a little Loop-y.

Feeling a little Skein-dalous these days…

Hey, why are crochet people always so crazy? Well, they’re always a little loop-y.

Playing hooky today. Shh!

Hooking for inspiration in all the coziest places.

Hooked myself some alone time today.

Officially in crochet mode – if you need me, please Hook an appointment.

Cute Amigurumi Puns and Wordplay for Instagram Captions

Amigurumi (pronounced ah-mee-gur-oo-mee) is a special subsection of the crochet family that involves making adorable 3D toys. If you’re looking specifically for some amigurumi-related puns and wordplay for Instagram, here are some ami-zing ideas.

Like this one? Thanks, Ami-de it myself.

Feeling ami-zing these days.

Thought my crochet obsession was getting out of hand but honestly, this is just Amiguru-me now.

Ami-n… I’m not NOT obsessed with Amigurumi.

Easy, breezy, Amigurumi-sy.

Forgot Amazon – I’m all about Ami-zon these days.

I may still be a total Ami-teur, but I’m loving the process.

Meet my new Amiguroommates.

You might say all the crochet stuff is making my place look cluttered, but I think it’s really Amigu-roomy now.

Cute Crochet Puns and Wordplay for Gifts 

If you’re gifting someone a crocheted item, some skeins of yarn, or any other crochet-related gift, then you might want to consider going the extra mile and attaching a cute note with some crochet punniness included. Here are some ideas!

Croch-hey there, thanks for being amazing!

I’m Hooked on you. 

Here’s to us and all our Croch-haters.

Life without you would be a real cro-shame.

I Yarn for you all the time.

Another handmade gift? Crochet it ain’t so!

I’m Loop-y without you.

Thanks for being such a great (and occasionally) Skein-dalous friend.

I tried to picture life without you, but I can Knot.

I croch-hate how much I love you!

Yarn not half bad!

Thanks for always having me in Stitches.

You’re my Magic Sir-cle.

I can’t stop Hooking at you.

Funny Crochet Jokes That Will Have Them in Stitches

Lastly, here are some fun crochet-themed jokes to bust out if you REALLY want the awkward chuckles/groans.

What do crafty horses like to eat?

Why were people shocked by the ball of yarn’s outfit?
It was super skein-dalous.

Why are crochet people always so crazy?
They’re always a little loop-y.

How did the crocheter know they were in love?
They were constantly yarn-ing for their partner.

What did the crocheter call their cute new creations?
Their Amigur-roomies.

Do you have any other fun crochet puns to share?

Let us know in the comments so we can add them to our list!

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