Crochet Squid Game Dalgona Gloves

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After delighting the world recently with her Squid Game Dalgona coasters, Mama B decided to adapt the idea into something practical for the upcoming winter months.

And just when I thought the Dalgona candy concept couldn’t get any cuter, she went and made THESE:

I’m utterly obsessed.

A Quick Overview of the Process

Step by Step: How to Make Crochet Squid Game Dalgona Gloves

Mama B hasn’t had time to write down a full pattern or tutorial yet, but she did convince me to take these progress shots for you all so you can follow along to make your own!

We hope you liked this look at our newest crochet Dalgona Squid Game gloves

Let us know in the comments if you’d like a pattern or tutorial.

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